Support Services

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Educational Support Services

The Educational Support Team strives to give children and young adults the opportunity to meet other kids going through similar health challenges and build camaraderie with their peers by offering activities & classes which boost self-esteem. Activities are available in the early evenings and weekends throughout the year. 

  • Maggie Varney, Founder & CEO of Wigs 4 Kids - Director of Services

Art, Beading & Music Therapy

  • Cat Massof, Beading Therapist
  • Courtney Gray, Art Therapist

Art and music therapy classes are designed to help manage stress, offer pain relief, express feelings, foster socialization & communication with other children and improve physical rehabilitation. Beading classes offer our kids and their families the opportunity to express themselves and be creative in an affirming, social setting.


Field Trips

Field trips promote education and socialization for our kids & families in fun settings. The majority of our trips are held in the summer as children tend to isolate and need the camaraderie of their peers. 




  • Damien Buchkowski, Pediatric Oncology Dietician

Our clinical nutritionist is a wonderful resource for Wigs 4 Kids families who assists them one-on-one if necessary or in a group setting where children learn hands-on participation in their own wellness plans.

Self-Empowerment Through Self-Image

  • Maggie Varney, Founder & CEO, Licensed Cosmetologist, Hair Resoration Specialist
  • Mary Sarcheck, Licensed Cosmetologist & Cosmetology Instructor

Self-empowerment through self-image sessions help our kids deal with the appearance-related side effects of treatment. We provide skin care and make-up education, application and tools to take home and utilize during their health challenges. 

Medical Support Services

Our Wigs 4 Kids Medical Support Team evaluates the needs of our children; graciously volunteering their time and expertise to make a difference. Most importantly, they are also licensed and accredited social workers and grief & loss counselors.



Medical Support Team

  • Kimberly Mercier, Oncology Social Worker (LMSW) - Director of Services
  • Stuart Nathan, Physician's Assistant

Social Workers & Child Life Specialists

  • Corey Faulkner, Oncology Social Worker (LMSW) - Wigs 4 Kids Social Worker

Our Wigs 4 Kids social workers support families with their adjustment from diagnosis of cancer or other disorders leading to hair loss. They assist our families through treatment plans and also survivorship for those who have lost loved ones due to cancer. 

Child life specialists help our kids confront fears & concerns associated with their health challenges. Wigs 4 Kids successfully implements play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and helps our families cope with the emotional, social & psychological side effects of hair loss. 

Pastoral & Spiritual Care

Wigs 4 Kids works closely with a chaplain to integrate the spiritual needs of our kids and their families into their plan of healing, as faith impacts their outlook during treatment. Individual, group and grief & loss counseling is available.

Spiritual Support Team

  • Reverend Sandy Hess, Director of Services

With our Wigs 4 Kids Support Services, our families now have hope and help. 

For more information or to schedule this service, please call (586) 772-6656.

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