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VR 4 Kids Program - Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan - VR_Test_Breanna_Fisher_3-18-2023There are over 50 hospitals in the US that have implemented virtual reality programming to help their pediatric population manage pain during medical procedures and aid them in relaxation.

Through our VR 4 Kids Program Pilot in partnership with VRforHealth, we have found that these same benefits can be enjoyed at home. While our pilot started with children who are experiencing cancer, we hope to extend it beyond to wig recipients with other forms of hair loss.

We have been collaborating with many organizations to help us provide VR solutions for our children in different age brackets and new technologies are becoming available as this industry continues to grow.  

VR 4 Kids Program - Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan - Maddox_VR_3We believe that our VR 4 Kids Program pilot offers physical, emotional, social & psychological therapeutic experiences through this innovative & immersive technology!

Joining the VR 4 Kids Program Pilot

If you are seeking to join our VR 4 Kids Program Pilot, and are currently not enrolled in our Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan program, the first step is to fill out a client application form: 

Go to Client Application Form

New & returning recipient families will be asked to fill out a contract and testing reports will be requested throughout the duration of your VR use so we can track its benefits: 

Contract for VR Services Form

Testing Report Form

VR Sponsors

Are you a supporter interested in helping us provide this programming? You can sponsor a VR headset for a wig recipient at $400.

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Or utilize our mailable form to make your contribution: click here!

What does the sponsorship include?

You are the source of support for a child or teen. Your help benefits a kid socially, emotionally, physically & psychologically. Your sponsorship improves the overall wellbeing of recipients as they journey through their health challenges. The kids and parents also learn how to care and maintain the headsets.

Your gift provides:

  • Social work intake evaluation to assess if the child can benefit from VR.
  • VR headset.
  • Instructions on the setup, care & sterilization of the headset.
  • Follow up appointments to ensure it is helping the child with pain management & relaxation.

Will there be contact with the sponsored child?

We ask each recipient to acknowledge your sponsorship by writing a thank you letter, or you can remain anonymous if you desire. No direct contact will be made with your sponsored child or teen except through Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan.

Immersive Programming

Many of the award-winning applications we utilize through our VR headsets include guided meditative activities, virtual pets, entertainment and more. We look forward to continuing our growth with this new line of programming at our Wellness Center. We have currently received Meta Quest 2 VR headsets through 18Loop and the ACCO (American Childhood Cancer Organization).

Due to our children's compromised immune systems, proper sanitation is key. All VR devices utilized in our pilot program are sanitized using Cleanbox technology. Cleanbox products use patented engineering of UVC light in LEDs to provide 99.999% decontamination of any shared or frequently used devices.

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