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Respectfully, please do not take photos of the children or stories from this web-page to protect their privacy.

Meet Chloe

Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan - Child Ambassadors - chloe-collage

Our wig recipient Chloe has alopecia and first came to our program in 2016 to receive a wig & support services. She returned to Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan to bring in hair donations from her cousins to be made into a new wig which you can see in the collage and video here!

Chloe is an influencer on social media and in the wig industry.

Interview with Colleen, Mother of Wig Recipient Reece

Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan - Child Ambassadors - reece

Colleen, as a parent, what has this program meant to you? 

It’s given me my son back! Reece is joking, laughing, having fun and being himself again. When he was first diagnosed with alopecia, he became self-conscious and nervous as he had to style his hair to cover the spots. It was really hard to watch him go through this. He would worry if he was at school that if the wind blew, that the other students would realize he was different. He endured a lot of stress and anxiety prior to receiving a wig. 

Reece, how did you feel once you received a wig for the first time?

I wasn’t used to it at first and I thought everyone was going to be weirded out by the sudden change, but they weren’t and that was awesome!

Meet more of our wig recipients!

With the permission of the children and their families, they have chosen to share their photos.

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