WXYZ: Bills Requiring Insurance to Help Funds Wigs for Children

Wigs 4 Kids thanks Amanda Allie and the team at WXYZ Channel 7 & TV20 Detroit for their continued support of our program. They aired footage today of our capital campaign & GoFundMe fundraiser launched by supporter Vince Vitale. We are in the process of raising funds toward a permanent brick-and-mortar Wellness Center. The WXYZ/TV 20 broadcast also included coverage of our wig bills which will be reintroduced in the Michigan House and Senate on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.


WDIV Local 4: MI International Women's Show

WDIV Local 4 featured Wigs 4 Kids as part of their Michigan International Women's Show TV coverage! We are thankful to their team for inviting us to participate in an interview about the cut-a-thon and princess tea party we are hosting...

WGRT FM: Wigs 4 Kids at the Women's Show

Wigs 4 Kids thanks Cathie Martin and her team at WGRT FM Radio for being media partners and helping us promote our participation in the Michigan International Women's Show. Wigs 4 Kids was fortunate to host a cut-a-thon and princess tea party at...

WNIC 100.3 FM - Wigs 4 Kids Galaxy Star Program

Wigs 4 Kids thanks the team of WNIC 100.3 FM for sharing information about our galaxy star program! Wigs 4 Kids is raising funds toward purchasing a permanent brick-and-mortar Wellness Center where we can double the amount of kids we serve. Galaxy...
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