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House of European Hair/HairArt: Wigs 4 Kids Review

Wigs 4 Kids thanks the House of European Hair / HairArt for their ongoing support of the kids we serve. They recently shared an advertisement in local trade magazines for the beauty industry and it featured a positive review Wigs 4 Kids left of the...

WHMI Radio: Annual Pigs 4 Wigs Fundraiser Underway

Wigs 4 Kids thanks WHMI Radio for their media coverage of the annual Pigs 4 Wigs fundraiser which is being held in support of our program. Local police departments are participating in no-shave November by making donations to support the cause in...

C&G Newspapers: Wigs 4 Kids Cut-a-thon

Wigs 4 Kids thanks C&G Newspapers for their ongoing support year after year of our events. They recently covered our upcoming cut-a-thon, talent show and princess/pirate tea party that will be held at Macomb...

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