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  1. We request 10” minimum hair length although we will accept as short as 7 inches to make a boy's wig or a short wig for a girl (from top of ponytail to end).
  2. Hair needs to be clean, and thoroughly dry. Please bundle hair in a ponytail or braid before having it cut. After securing the hair, have it cut 1 inch ABOVE the rubber band to keep the strands bundled together - this is inclusive of the 10 inches. Hair may be cut or buzzed depending on your preferred style. 
  3. Layered hair is acceptable and may be divided into multiple ponytails and then cut.
  4. Hair may not be colored or chemically treated within the last 2 years (including temporary color, stains, sun-in, henna, indigo, permanent color, highlights, perms or relaxers, etc). Hair should not be more than 10% gray.
  5. You may pull curly hair straight to measure the minimum 10”. It is not necessary to straighten it prior to donating.
  6. We gratefully accept hair from all ages and all countries. The majority of our hair donations come from children helping other children.
  7. Hair that was cut over a year ago or swept off the floor is not usable.
  8. We accept NEW human or synthetic wigs or human extensions only.
  9. PLEASE NOTE: You may go to any professional of your choice to cut your hair as long as the guidelines are followed.
  10. Go Green Salon, located inside Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan, offers a consultation, haircut & style for a fee to those wishing to donate their hair. 50% of the proceeds from the appointment goes back to our program. For more information, call 586-772-6656
  11. Package your clean, dry hair in a Ziploc baggie and enclose it with a copy of the hair donation form into an envelope. The hair can then be sent to: Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan located at:
    30130 Harper Avenue, St. Clair Shores, MI 48082.

Hair Donation FAQ - Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan - Vatev_Family_Hair_Donation

Will my ponytail make a wig?
It takes approximately 10-12 ponytails to create a wig. Ponytails are blended based on color, texture and length before being sewn into the wig cap. 

Can I be certain that my hair will be used to make a wig?
The manufacturers make the selection based on several production criteria.

Can I send hair from overseas?
Yes! You can follow the guidelines above to cut and package the hair and then mail it through your local postal service.

When can I expect to receive my thank you letter?
Please allow 30 days for processing. We are grateful for all of our hair donors. When you donate your hair, you are sharing a precious gift with a child in need! 

Will I know which child receives my hair and can I contact them?

Due to HIPAA privacy laws, there is no communication between the children we serve and our hair donors to protect both their privacy and yours. Since it takes about 10 to 12 ponytails to make a wig and hair is blended together based off of length, color, and texture, we don't know whose ponytails are in a specific wig, yet we do know it will help a local child in need! Visit the "Our Kids" page to see photos of some of our children before and after they receive their wigs along with heartfelt stories:

How does your hair become their hair?

  • Step One: A donor with clean dry hair secures it into a ponytail or braid, then cuts it. 
  • Step Two: The hair undergoes chemical processing at a science lab. This special treatment prepares and sanitizes hair properly.
  • Step Three: A hackle is used to carefully blend and direct the hair from root to end. Natural hair is a blend of many colors.
  • Step Four: One ponytail makes up only about 1/10 of the finished hairpiece. A blend of six to eight ounces of hair in varying shades of color ensures the natural look and feel of the child’s wig.
  • Step Five: A plaster mold is made of the child’s head.
  • Step Six: Once the mold is set, a liquid form is poured into the mold and allowed to dry. When the form and the mold are separated from one another, a cap that fits the size of the resulting cast is made. This cap serves as the foundation of the hairpiece. Because the child who wears the hairpiece will likely swim, shower, and sleep with it on. The design of this foundation is carefully considered and the materials from which it is made are carefully selected.
  • Step Seven: Each strand of hair is hand-tied. The hair is now designed for the child’s request.
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